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best tire pressure gauges 2018

Did you know that, 99.98% of automobiles on the road today… have AIR filled inside their tires.

Tires are made with certain parameters in mind: load, road surfaces, performance and so on. When it comes to the best tire pressure gauges, they have to match with these parameters, and ensure this is achieved optimally.

The merits of having tires at an optimal pressure level are far reaching and favorable. Such as: maximum usage (return on Investment), optimal performance, ultimately efficiency on fuel consumption. Because of this, I searched and tested a more than 20 gauges to find the best in performance and reliability. I was finally able to choose the Tekton 5941​​​​ as the go-to tire pressure gauge.

Some indicators that show under or over inflated tires: 

  • Uneven tyre rotation, what is referred to as warbling, the car or bicycle attaining a ‘bouncing’ motion, it has its toll on the bearings.
  • Marginal veering off a straight course on the road, you have to keep repositioning the car in this case, on a straight course.
  • Due to the irregular motion that the car attains, the steering wheel tends to move and shake making driving uncomfortable and the driver pretty tired.
  • Over inflated tires do not budge to allow absorption of rough patches of the road, they don’t have grip on road surfaces leading to dispositions off course.

Tire Pressure Gauge Reviews 

Now that you know the importance of keeping your tires measured at appropriate levels, let’s dive into tire pressure gauge reviews which we’ve written below. What you’ll see here is a breakdown of most recommended picks.

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  • check There is no interpretation needed
  • check Leak detections are more precise with digital gauges
  • check It gives you an accurate and precise reading of less than 0.5 psi
  • check With advanced gadgets they have added programmable functions
  • check They are more resistant to withstand over pressure points without getting damaged
  • check Their components are compact and can withstand rough handling, damages from dust and dirt
  • check Look out for the following to avoid poor performance; neglect, improper installation and mishandling
  • check They are able to measure different samples at different rates and averages out small pulses hence giving a constant value

Two issues you will notice; they are a little heavier due to the batteries that power them, eventually they rundown and will need to be replaced…

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SafetyTires with the correct tire pressure have a decreased chance of tire blow out hence low chances of losing control causing accidents.

HandlingCars with over or under inflated pressure don’t have timely braking, their halting is extended. This unresponsive behavior is increased in heavy vehicles and on slippery roads.

Less emissionA lack of proportional rotations of the wheel leads the car mechanism to perceive that as an added load, which translates to increased fuel combustion. The inverse of this is less emission and pollution of air.

DurabilityEvery product is designed to live its life time and give value for money, with properly inflated tire this is attained, due to good road handling and stability, resulting in even wearing out.

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Now we’re going to dive into each digital unit which can measure your automobiles tire pressure… in a little as a few seconds.

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#1 TEKTON 5941 – BesT DIGITAL tire gauge 2018

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Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauges

The TEKTON 5941 digital tire pressure gauge comes with a lighted nozzle, aiding the user to position the gauge on the valve, in deem lights or dark situation.

It has an added feature of lighted display that comes in handy in insufficient light and pitch darkness. The nozzle has a seal that grooves around the valve to provide fast, accurate and precise readings, without letting air pressure escape.  It is this sealing ability that this gadget has that many reviewers keep referring to, because they can confidently take the readings as accurate with minimal deviation and they are processed faster.

It has auto shut off ability after use of 30 seconds, this helps in conserving the battery life. Its functional utility is simple and ready to use at a single push and then you receive the readings. The gadget design is all inclusive, comfortable, safe efficient and easy to use, enhanced with finger grooves and non-slip texture casing, its’ grip is guaranteed. It comes with its replaceable batteries. This gadget weighs less than 2 ounces and measure 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches. Its color is appealing and attractive to the eye making it easier to spot in low light situations. Fortunately, It comes with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. It has a capacity of measuring from 0 to 100 PSI with precise pulses of 0.5 PSI.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]

#2 NorthONE 100 PSI – Electronic TIRE PRESSURE TESTER

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Best Digital Tire Pressure Gauge for you

This digital tire pressure gauge comes with a lighted nozzle feature that aids in the ease of connecting with the valve in low light and very dark occasions.

Its functional utility on this gadget is activated by a single push button that turns on the processor and it is the only one in the devise. When the device is inactive for 30 seconds the unit has an auto shutoff ability that extends the battery standby time. A prolonged press on the same button is also an option to shuts the device off.The most striking features of this unit are the wide alley of options. The device displays units in PSI, Bar, KPA or kg/cm.

Pressure is measured from the smallest unit of 0.5 and ascending in that difference to its maximum of 100 P.S.I. The unit comes with ability to measure in a wide dispensation of temperature: -5oC to 50oC (23° to 122° F). NorthOne promises a guaranteed maximum customer satisfaction, with a high rating from customers. This device is small and suitable with measurements of 5.5 inches by 2 inches, weighing only three ounces. This is considerably minute to fit easily in any groove box or tool box without occupying much space.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]


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Tire Pressure Gauge

The Accuitire MS 4021B’s comes with a plastic handle that depicts durability and sturdiness. The material used to case the unit makes it lighter and withstand rough handling.

The unit is designed at an angle that allows a precision onto the valve. Its ergonomic texture affords a good grip of the device.

It is accorded a brass screw at the nozzle which penetrates deeper into the valve hence no pressure is lost at all giving accurate readings. The device comes with replaceable batteries and auto shut features to prolong stand by time.

It has a display that illuminates on the screen hence very effective during the sunny weather, since it will not glare and hurt the eyes. The device measurement start from 0.5 to 150 PSI with an ascending difference of 0.5. It is among the devices with a long range of PSI that can accommodate truck tires with such high settings. Weighing at below 3.5 ounces, it comes with a 6.7 inches length and 2.4 inches wide.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]

#4 Michelin MN-12279 – Digital Programmable Tire Gauge 

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Tire Pressure Gauge with light

The Michelin MN-12279, from the Michelin line of products has to match up to the superior class.

What ticks in this device are several features added; it comes with a light at the nozzle that helps in positioning to the valve in low and dark occasions, the light at the nozzle end is doubles up as a flashlight. The device utility function is put a notch higher by its programmable PSI function; it allows users set desired PSI, multi-function setting for rear and front tires. The programmed PSI will display at a precision of 0.1 PSI resolution.

Of the reading unit, an additional feature of to measure if the level of the pressure if it right, low or high. The texture of the device is soft, with a rubber grip for comfort.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]

#5 Craftsman Programmable Digital PRESSURE Gauge

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Digital Tire Pressure Gauge with LED

The Craftsman digital tire gauge comes with a fully programmable vehicle target tire pressure setting. Its air bleed function allows precise measurement of pressure with a beep sound to signal end of reading.

The backlight at the display screen allows readings in different situations. It has a simple single straight-push nozzle that allows functionality. Its dual purpose lighting capability serves as a nozzle light and a flashlight. The device comes with a capacity of 99 PSI, powered by a pair of replaceable batteries that the device comes with. It can easily fit in any groove compartment and tool box, with dimensions this small, 5.7 inches long by 1.6  inches width and  weighs  2.7 ounces.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]

#6 Accutire MS-4350B 

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Tire Pressure Gauge For Your Car

The Accutire MS4350B tire pressure gauge comes with a full programmable menu, this can accommodate both the rear and front tires. It pressure measuring capacity is from 0.5 to 100 PSI with an ascending rate of the same difference. The display is extra-large in blue color making reading easy in very dark and low light situations.

It has an auto switch off mode to extend its battery life when not in use. Powered by two lithium metal batteries which come with the product, it measures 6 inches long by 1 inch wide. It can fit in any groove compartment or toolbox with ease. With its storage case that protects it from abrasive wear when it moves up and down.

The device bears an ergonomic grip design for comfort and easier handling. With it comes a patented Set point program, this feature makes an audible sound after pressure is measured and indicated, then displayed on the set.[/productbox][productbox class=”hbox”]


[/productbox][productbox class=”no”]150 PSI Rescue Emergency Tool, LED Flashlight, Safety Hammer, Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter (AAA Battery + 4 Tire Caps Included)

5 in 1 Tire Pressure Gauge

The RoadPal 5 in 1 digital pressure gauge makes itself a great choice for truck drivers or bus drivers. With all its utility features which come in handy during accidents, to cut seatbelts realizing someone from the seats, chatters shield window to create an exit route.

The safety hammer can be used as a defense weapon in case of emergency attack. It offers a wide range of pressure measuring unit readings: PSI, KPA, BAR, and kg/cm. The product manufacturers promise a 100% money back guarantee. The gauge comes with a backlit LCD display, measuring tire pressure from 0 to 150 PSI.

Interestingly the device with all those features included measures 6.5 inches long by 2.6 inches wide and weighs 4.2 ounces, with such dimensions it fits in any compact box or tool box. Also included are the 4 tire caps that keep getting lost and forgotten at pump stations. The gauge comes with type AAA batteries which is advantageous because they are available in any store.[/productbox]

Leading Causes of Over Inflation and Deflation:

Punctures leaking slowlyA tire may be pricked by a sharp tiny object which may seal the entry point, but with pressure at the spot an air leak results. The deflation may not be noticeable on the spot, gradually with time that is when the tire deflated posture will be evident.

Faulty valve stems and coresThe mechanism at these air inlets wears with time hence leading to faults at contact points which may leak. When the nip at the nozzle is not positioned properly it also results to pressure loss.

Overly tightened valves may leak due to damaged threads Tightening the nip of the valve just apply moderate force, too much force damages the threads there in resulting in pressure loss.

Weather seasons temperature variationDuring summer seasons, the air outside is hotter than the air inside causing it to be lighter, eventually the tire expands. During winter seasons the reverse of the above explanation happens.

(FYI) How to determine optimal levels of tire pressure?

Product guideAll tires have the recommended pressure range measure in P.S.I (Per square Inch) embedded on the side.

Vehicle load capacityThis would point to an idea on the pressure, when the car has a load and without.

Tire inflation placard chart and load inflation chartThese are standard chart that is found in the net, it is issued by the truck and tire manufacturers.

Final Words / Wrapping Up

Reading tire pressure

It is very important that a customer selects a pressure gauge that is going to operate in the best way for them and give them the best result based on what they want to use it for. They should have fast response, be easier to handle, efficient and durable.

How does a pressure gauge work?

Here is a quick guide on D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself)

You are in a better position to trust a gadget that has been in you custody and care rather than a pump station gauge that you are not certain of its maintenance and servicing.

  1. Look at the recommended PSI ratings on the tire sidewall, or car manufacturer.
  2. Screw off the cap at the top of the valve
  3. Insert the nozzle of the pressure gauge into the valve, press down and you hear a hissing sound of air pressure escaping at the point of contact, push down until it stops
  4. Observe the screen reading.
  5. If the readings are at recommended level release and recap the nozzles

Important: never forget to keep checking the spare tire always. A tire pressure check is recommend after the car has stalled for at least three hours, due to build up pressure when the car is motion. Thank you for reading on the best tire pressure gauge guide!

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  1. Kraston Laesazu Reply

    Tekton has always made high quality tire gauges through out the years. It’s definitely one of the top choices when it comes to anything related to tools. i’m not surprised you chose it as your top 1. Michelin is also a good choice. I also love craftsman. I’ve had that tire gauge for years. It just sits there in my box until I use it. So far, the readings have been accurate. Pretty reliable for its price.

  2. boiled Octopus Reply

    You’ll never know what tragedy will befall you when you’re on the road. A tire pressure gauge is a very small gadget that will surely help you check whether or not your tires are okay. Ever driven cross country? This is definitely a gadget you cannot forego if you like going on road trips! I drive trucks for a living so I always keep this one in my truck. I also have one inside my personal car. Just in case. Like I said, you’ll never know if you’ll meet an accident where your tires deflate! Better be ready! As for your choices above, I just got the Michelin one. I’ll let you know in a few weeks

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