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The Best Windshield Wiper Blades (2020)

Imagine this, you’re trying to get home safely on a stormy evening when suddenly you realize that your wipers haven’t been replaced since you bought the car 3 years ago. On top of that, you’re now remembering that you’ve completely ignored that the blades have started to smear the rain falling causing your visibility to worsen. Panic begins to set in and you ask yourself “am I going to make it home okay?” This is not a question that you should ever have to ask yourself.

It’s understandable to find yourself in this predicament because, unless you live in an area where it rains constantly, it’s easy to forget to replace your current wiper blades. The fact of the matter is, we depend on these wiper blades to improve our visibility when we need them the most and in most cases, even stock wiper blades will get the job done.

Like any car part, over time they are susceptible to damage. If this becomes the case for your wipers, you’re leaving your front windshield vulnerable to scratches. By reading further, you’ll see a comprehensive guide providing windshield wipers reviews, which are broken down into a few sections explaining the pros, cons, and bottom line of each.

Here’s The Top 7 Windshield Wipers


Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade


Bosch Icon – The Best Wiper Blade Set

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Is it safe to say that almost any product the well-known company Bosch produces, will probably be a great product, right?

Well, in this case we can surely say that with no regret. As we begin with our top product on this list, we would like to introduce you to the Bosch ICON Wiper Blade as the best wiper blade sets on the market.

The whole idea of replacing your wipers can be a little frustrating, we realize that and know you want two things: easy installation and for the wipers to work well. With the Bosch ICON this is exactly what you will get. First, easy installation – Bosch provides original equipment containing: a quality hook adaptor where the hook arm is 9×3 & 9×4, a top lock (19mm), side lock (22mm), pinch tab and a Valeo top lock. Many have even praised them for making the process easier than expected.

Next, is the amount of outstanding benefits Bosch is able to provide you with in these top rated windshield wiper blades. They are one of the few blades that can offer 5 of the 7 specs you should look for in a good wiper and these are as followed. They offer a patented beam design with a shielded connector for optimum visibility. Comes with exclusive FX dual rubber which expands the life expectancy by up to 40%. But one of the best features is that even at high speeds ,the blades are able to lock in place due to the asymmetrical spoiler! The ICON wipers are an all-season solution and by design are able to withstand the deadly snow an ice build up for those who will experience harsher winters. With a 4.2 star rating off of nearly 5,400 reviews, Bosch is able to take the top spot for 2018![/productbox][productbox]


Trico Neoform Wiper Blade With Teflon

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The TRICO NeoForm windshield wiper blades have been a top rated product for a while now. With a 4.4/5 star rating from close to 500 recent customers, it’s hard to argue their higher quality.

One of the most praised features of the NeoForm is the memory curve steel beam which provides a uniform pressure, providing one of the clearest wipes available. The blades have excellent performance as they are able to resist ice and snow clogging ensuring an all year round usage.

Traditional blades are able to do this to an extent, as most tend to break or lose performance sooner than later. Again, installation is without problem as the TRICO comes with pre-installed adapters and easy to follow instructions for a quick and painless installation.

Wiping performance is enhanced by the exclusive teflon surface protector, establishing a longer lifespan for the blades. The wiper blades themselves, measure and area available in lengths from 14” to 29” for customers to select from. Thought the rating speaks for itself, we find it that it’s our due diligence to provide you with recent reviews that demonstrate some negatives about the blade. First, customers have stated that even though the TRICO promises a longer lifespan, there are times where the blade haven’t lasted longer than one year. Again, this is up to debate, considering some may live in areas where they are heavily needed more than others. But at it’s competitively lower price point, it’s hard not to want to purchase the NeoForm 16-240 wiper blades.[/productbox][productbox]

Anco Wiper Blade


Anco 31- Series 31-22 Wiper Blades

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Anco 31-Series are conventional blade replacements that utilize DuraKlear rubber compound leaving the windshield clean and streak-free. They are one of the most affordable wiper blades on the market that works efficiently.

They can remove water, snow, and dirt with just one wipe. For maximum performance, the blades should be replaced after six or 12 months depending on the frequency and intensity of usage. Considering all the wipers out there, Anco is still able to garner some of the most satisfactory windshield wipers reviews not just on Amazon but on other online retailers as well. Anco has been excellent in providing easy installation and ensuring that blade replacement is relatively smooth.

The range in lengths are valuable to customers as they range from 10″-28″ so that vehicles ranging from small to large have the option to replace their wipers. he bridge is well vented to fit any car windshield smoothly. The only downsides found to ANCO was that the blades seem to wear out more easily than top brands, having customers to replacement them every 6-12 months. Granted, we these time frames are dependent upon your home’s weather patterns.[/productbox][productbox]

Rain X


Rain-X 5079280-1 Latitude Wiper Blades

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Following the Bosch ICON, is the Rain -X 5079280-1 which prides itself with its revolutionary contoured design and the water-beading technology that is integrated into the edge of the water blade.

The curvature design complements the shape of the car’s windshield making it easy and fast to wipe water droplets or snowflakes. The water-beading technology embedded into the blade completely dries off the window of the car within a few seconds. As the wiper dries the window, the Rain-X patented water-repellent coating is transferred to the windshield resulting in an enhanced driving visibility during a rainy or snowy days.

In their online windshield wipers reviews, the customers have a highly positive experience using this product. Quick and easy is what Rain-X strives for when it comes to installation. Of course, we recommend following instruction in case you are not familiar with how to instal them yourself. A feature that most customers have fallen in love with is the enhanced visibility through it’s unique water-beading technology, so that not being able to see through heavy rain becomes a thing of the past! While the Rain-X blades are lightweight and durable it was reviewed that noise can be present for ill-suited cars. Be cautious of any short streaks on the windshield from the middle of the wiper.[/productbox][productbox]




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There is nothing better than getting two for one price especially for some for the best wipers around. The OEM AERO all-season wiper blades include one driver side wiper and one passenger side wiper.

Both products are suited for winter and summer seasons. OEM uses DuPont Teflon coating for its natural rubber that makes it strong and durable. The products are also beam-frameless or bracketless making the design looks sleek and hardly noticeable. The frameless design of the products makes it less likely to scratch the glass of the window. Aside from the 18” model, this package can also be purchased with lengths from 13”-28” making it suitable for most cars.

Once the blades are installed, they stay secure and will not wobble, unlike other conventional wipers. There is a clip that snaps and locks the arm to keep it in place. Because the arm is held in place, the rubber can wipe the windshield more effectively.

When maintained properly, the products can last for at least one year before you can experience any issues with cracking and streaking. OEM has provided all-season blades that are more durable than competitors. The superior windshield contact to reduce noise. Meanwhile, they are slightly difficult to install and demonstrates vibration during heavy rain and snow.[/productbox][productbox]

Valeo Gold


VALEO 60022 600 Series

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The Valeo 600 Series is a great addition to the long line of Valeo windshield products. This product is very affordable and yet extremely reliable.

Just like the 900 Series, 600 Series also uses Tech3 Advanced Rubber Technology providing a synthetic rubber upper body for a more natural grip and protective coating, especially on the edges. It’s available in 11”-28” and has a slim design that makes it hardly noticeable when folded. The Valeo 60022 600 Series is also made of galvanized steel making it extra durable and resistant to corrosion.It has a strong locking system that includes a universal U-clip that holds the arm in place as the windshield wiper blades wipe the window.

There is no doubt why Valeo made it to the list twice. It only proves that the products are solving the basic problems of their customers and the company is committed to creating new and improved product every single time. Valeo has been able to craft a long-lasting product that doesn’t streak, is quiet and provides a smooth blade. The most important feature is that the blade is able to survive the cold which becomes vital at times.[/productbox] [mydivider]

How to install a wiper blade on your vehicle

Ideally, windshield wiper should be installed easily and quickly. The product has come a long way and many of these top 7 best windshield wipers were developed with techniques that make installation a lot less stressful. Before you purchase your new blades, it is important to first get the right measurement so that you will not have any problem with the wiper blade sizes and lengths later. Sometimes, the windshield wiper blades cannot function well if it is not the proper length for the car. Here’s a simple and general guideline on how to install a windshield wiper on your car.

Step 1: Removing the Old Wiper Blades

To remove the old wiper blades, pull the entire assembly up so that it will remain vertical. On one of the hinges, pull the tab out and the wiper down towards the car to separate the blade and the arm. Once separated, remove the blade and put the wiper arm down.

Step 2: Prepping the Wiper Arm

Once the old wiper blade has been unhooked, inspect the wiper arm and keep it clean and streak-free. This part holds the wiper blades and should work perfectly. Keep the arm away from the windshield as this might only cause permanent damage.

Step 3: Installing the New Wiper Blades

Take the new wipers and insert the arm until you see it pushed up. You should hear another click which means that the arm has locked the blade. Try to move around and fold the windshield a few times to check if it was attached too tight or too loose. Lay the wiper back down against the windshield.

This procedure might show some variations from product to product the fundamental procedure should still apply. To reiterate, make sure that you know the size and length of the windshield that you have to buy. Next, shop around and read different windshield wiper reviews to find out the best wiper blade brands.

10 Tips to make sure your wiper blades last longer

Be on the lookout for symptoms such as streaking water, squeaky sound, sporadic motion and sudden stop. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to taking care your wiper blades.

Clean the wiper blades by running a slightly damp towel along the edge of the rubber blade to remove any dirt, dust, and residue that have built up over time.

Wipe dry any areas of the windshield that can be prone to metal corrosion. Rusting causes discoloration and exposed particles can get caught in between the rubber and can scratch the glass of your windshield of your car.

Check the windshield wiper before a bad weather approaches and after.

Inspect the windshield wiper for torn or cracked areas. Simply ignoring this will cause the blade to peel away. This can potentially damage your window as the damaged part can be dragged across followed by a squeaking sound.

Beware of the Four S’s: streaking, spilling, squeaking and snapping. If you experience any of the four S’s even during a regular day with minimal rains, replace the windshield wiper right away.

Do not ignore the windshield washer system. Test how the washer system manages different levels of fluid. This will come in handy during heavy rains. Take turns in testing using cold water and warm water.

Do not use the windshield wiper to scrape off ice dams. You will only damage both the wiper and your car. Use an ice scraper instead.

Do not use any harmful chemicals to clean the wiper. Use only water and a sponge to remove any dirt, dust or grease.

Do not leave the wiper with water or dirt residue for too long. This can result in metal corrosion in the process. Keep it dry and tucked away when the car is not being used.


If you find that your blades are damaged in anyway or wearing down, the best option you have is to replace them with some of the best windshield wipers available in 2018. Fortunately, our team has simplified the buying process by reviewing and testing most of the top brands so that customers like yourself have the best options to choose from. Keep in mind that, most wipers are backed by warranties specifically excluded from this warranty are failures caused by misuse, negligence, modification, abuse, improper application, installation or operation, or failures caused by unauthorized service or use of unauthorized parts



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    Thanks to this article, i found more choices for windshield blades. I don’t like what my garage was offering so i turned to Amazon. Anyway, I’m still not sure which one to get from your list. They all look efficient and long lasting. Also, I live in BC. BC weather can be kinda crazy so I’ll need something that can handle some snow as well. I wonder which one is your most recommended for the job.

    • tchaikovskyt Reply

      Hey, if you’re still looking for an excellent windshield wiper blade, consider getting a 3M. It’s very sturdy and works well in the snow. out here in CO, it’s pretty snowy and could get cold pretty quick. 3M has never failed me through the years. When you’re buying these blades it’s more important to consider the weather where you often drive. Extreme weather temperatures could have an effect on the rubbers of these blades.

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