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How to Wax Your Car For Amazing Results: 8-Step Guide

Waxing your car is an excellent method to ensure it always remains shiny. The waxing will ensure your car’s paint is protected from the damaging rays of the sun, chemicals from natural elements such as Sun and snow, and abrasive dirt. However, the waxing needs to be done carefully by choosing a day which has good weather and can leave you feeling proud of your effort the moment you begin driving your shiny new toy.

It is a common habit among most people to wash their vehicles every often but neglect waxing their cars with the belief that it is not necessary. Waxing your car is one of the better methods to make it look glossy while also protecting its exterior. But to fully get that new car look, it will take some effort from you especially on a weekend. But, your effort becomes all worth wild when you notice your vehicle gleaming in your garage or driveway. The benefits of waxing your vehicle are high but still wondering how to wax your car for amazing results? Utilize the following steps to notice the perfect shine on your car for 2019!

Perfect Car Waxing — Eight Steps To Follow

Purchasing High-Quality Car Wax

It will be nearly impossible for you to wax your car without using a wax of the highest quality. While you will have no difficulties finding numerous car waxes at your local stores or most retailers, you will have to make an appropriate choice by choosing a brand you find suitable. Bear in mind that you don’t need to purchase the most expensive brand you can find. I suggest you choose a product which is in the mid-price range and go from there. The most popular varieties of car wax are packaged in a small tub. You can also find auto wax available in the form of a spray. But, if you still need some assistance in choosing a great product, I have a list of the top 10 best car waxes to consider.

Washing your Car

Make a beginning by washing your car either by taking it to the nearest car wash or giving your car a highly deserved wash by yourself. Applying car wax to a vehicle which is clean and dry always delivers the best results. Ensure that your vehicle has dried out completely before you begin to work with the wax.

Reading the Instructions On the Car Wax Package

If you believe the instructions on the car wax package do not matter you are probably committing an error. The popular brands always have specific instructions and it is always beneficial to follow the recommended usage of the product.

Using The Wax You Purchased For Your Car

If you decide to use car wax available in the tub format begin by opening the package and removing the pad. You will find a lid below the pad. The wax will be revealed only after you open this lid. However, if you have chosen a spray form, things will be easier for you because the spray just needs to be directed to the area which needs to be waxed.

Waxing Area

Choosing an area for waxing your car is just as important as making it look shiny. Trying to accomplish this task in the shade or the sun may not be the best options. Either of these places may cause you to miss certain areas of the vehicle untouched making it look as though it had been waxed by an amateur. After you have found an appropriate area for the waxing you can dip the pad into the wax and take a thumb-sized glob on it. Refrain from applying the wax to any plastic areas on the exteriors of the vehicle. These will include headlights, taillights, and other areas which may have been recommended by the manufacturers of the product.

Applying the Wax

Applying the wax properly on your vehicle is another factor which you must consider. You do not have the option of spreading the wax on your car haphazardly. We strongly suggest you accomplish this task by using tiny circular motions over the entire vehicle. You also need to ensure that the layer of wax spread over the vehicle is thin. It will be better if you can use vertical or horizontal rows of circles for ensuring that the entire surface of the vehicle is covered.

The Follow-Up

After you have finished applying the wax to the entire vehicle it is essential for you to ensure that the area you have begun from is dry. When the wax begins to dry the color changes to matte and also has a chalky appearance.

Polishing Your Car

The most difficult part of waxing your car begins after you have spread the wax on your vehicle. After the wax has dried and is appearing chalky you need to begin polishing your car to remove the wax. Difficult as it may seem it is an opportunity for you to realize that the time to view the fruits of your labor has finally arrived. You simply need to use a soft cloth, an old T-shirt or a chamois to remove the wax from the surface of your vehicle. You can begin by using circular motions for the removal of the wax and to buff the surface of your car. This may require some effort from you but neglecting it is likely to pour water over your entire effort.

Why should you wax your car?



After you have completed removing the wax you applied on your car the surface of the vehicle will begin to appear shiny and glossy. Easy isn’t it? Unfortunately, many vehicle owners do not realize the necessity of waxing their car or the benefits it can offer them.

We all know, when we purchase cars we believe it is just a machine [which it is] and just think about servicing the vehicle, washing it, and looking after any problems which may crop up occasionally. We never stop for a moment to consider that the skin of the car also needs some attention in order to safeguard it from numerous natural elements which can leave behind harmful effects on its appearance. Let alone, we simply don’t know when our car may need a wax. For reasons unexplained they neglect to wax their vehicles only to notice it appearing dull and ungainly after being used for just a short time.

The medical fraternity has been advising people constantly to use protection for their skin in the form of sunscreen. The most common reason stated for using sunscreen is to safeguard the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun which has the potential to cause skin cancer. Things would be a lot better if people considered the skin of their car which is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun along with other elements of the weather and decided it also needs some protection rather than leave it to face the vagaries of natural elements.

Sunscreen for cars hasn’t been developed until this moment but car wax is certainly available from the time it was introduced in the market. Waxing the car is an important requirement but doing so in the manner suggested in this article will prove even beneficial leaving the owners to feel they are taking proper care of their cars.

by Darion Robinson



  1. herchelle williams Reply

    I never knew that the solid waxes work better than the “new and improved” ones. I guess it just makes sense since the liquid waxes won’t have so much coverage than the solid waxes. Thank you for sharing that information. Now i know i’ll be sticking with turtle wax forever!

  2. If you think about this a little too deep, putting wax on your car is almost like putting on moisturiser on your skin to keep looking healthy and not cracked. that’s an odd metaphor, but i’m not sure if i’m the only one who thought about this like this. I didn’t know that tehre was more benefits to waxing than just keeping it looking shiny. I didn’t expect iot to have an effect on the quality of paintwork as well. so, it’s better to just do it as maintenance car… Yeah, like how you should keep your face and the rest of your body moisturised. If you don’t do maintenance work on anything you own, it will look so run down! so thanks for sharing these basic waxing tips.

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