Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Reviews 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

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Clean Your Vehicles From The Inside

Updated for 2017: Specifically, a fuel injection system is designed to inject fuel into your vehicle’s motor. The system sees to it that gas is just enough for the level you wanted. This is necessary for your motor to get the optimum fuel and directly influences the energy efficiency of your car. The fuel injector cleaner delivers the right gas level to the motor to improve its efficiency.

As time passes, this fuel injector can malfunction. This calls out for its cleanup from carbon deposits. However, sending your car to an auto repair shop for the cleanup can be very costly. Never worry because there is an alternative solution for this dilemma.


Eliminate All Current and Future Carbon Deposits

Remove Carbon Deposits

You just need to buy the best fuel injector cleaner and do the cleaning yourself. Yes, you will need some mechanical knowledge on how to properly and safely connect the unit but using the cleaning kit is not really as complex as what you might think it is.

There is now a wide range of brands in the market from which you can choose from.  This guide will be giving out the top 10 best fuel injector cleaners along with their reviews. The factors to consider in choosing the best fuel system cleaner are also noted.

Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for 2017 (Top 5 Picks)

Fuel Injector Cleaners Name:Main Strength:Main Feature: 

Moly Jectron

Editor's Choice

  • Concentrated In Small Quantities


  • Affordable + Used On High-End Vehicles

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BG 44K
Editor's Choice

  • Concentrated In Small Quantities


  • Works Universally On All Fuel Injected Vehicles EXTREMELY Well

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Purple Max Atomizer

  • Does Well To Start Breaking Apart Carbon From First Use


  • Known To Improve Throttle Responsiveness

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Lucas Fuel Conditioner and Treatment

  • Fairly Powerful and 10+ Doses From One Unit


  • One WHOLE Gallon of a Good Cleaner.. That's Darn Good!

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Chevron Techron

  • Works Pretty Well At Breaking Apart Carbon After Only A Few Uses


  • Easy To Pour and Affordable

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With the utmost importance of fuel injector cleaner, there are various fuel injector cleaners that can be purchased in the market these days. Below we narrow down the top 10 best fuel injector cleaner reviews in 2017 to help you decide which one perfectly cleans your car motor. These products may have similarities in one way or another so be careful in choosing the right, best one that exactly meets your cleaning requirements.

Try to ask yourself why you should use the best fuel system cleaner.

NOTE: Oil is an important part of keeping your vehicle running well. Full synthetic is the best you can get for any vehicle, have a look at our guides on the best oil filters to buy, the best engine oil, and lastly the highest quality oil drain pans to use during the flushing part.


10 Best Fuel System Cleaners and Reviews

1.    Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron – Best Fuel Injector Cleaner We Recommend

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron

Gasoline additive Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron offers a smoother idling, lower fuel consumption, and better throttle response. This fuel injection cleaner is safe to use without damaging the fuel system of your car. It is advisable to pour the cleaning solution in 1/3 full tank.

Older car owners claim that it has shown improvement in the functioning of their fuel injector system. However, new technology usually targets the newest vehicles. That is why it is imperative for you to discern well in purchasing new products in any outlet.


    Mitigates of initial problems, stalling, and hesitation

    Better throttle response

    Provides smoother idling

    Very cheap, but with great quality


    Less effective in cleaning the older fuel systems

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2.    BG 44K – Second Best For Fuel Injector Cleaning (Especially for Modern Vehicles)

BG 44K 

BG 44K

Considering its popularity, BG 44K Fuel System cleaner is hailed by customers as the most efficient injector cleaner. The product comes in an 11.2-ounce can that can treat 20 liters of gasoline. It does not contain alcohol and it has safe catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. Another great feature of this solution is its compatibility with all types of fuel system materials, common fuel additives, and alcohol-blended fuels.

It cleans the injector scum making a sufficient pressure. It even thoroughly cleans your valves and tanks.  This is the very reason for its expensive cost, which is well-compensated by its effectiveness. 


    Restores the performance as well the gas mileage of car

    Increases power output and combustion quality

    Efficient injector cleaning solution

    Solves clogging problems



    Causes occasional engine misfire

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3.    Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer 

Royal Purple 18000 Max Atomizer Fuel Injector Cleaner is a highly concentrated, fully-synthetic and high-performance cleaning tool designed to solve problems associated with modern direct injection engines. The injector cleaner can be used on all types of fuel injection.

Clogged and coked injectors are easily cleaned with its highly concentrated polyether amine detergents, thus restoring the injector’s flow. Its ax-Atomizer helps stabilize ethanol to prevent harmful effects like gumming, resin build-up and corrosion. It is being used both in diesel and gasoline engines.


    Maximizes horsepower

    Not harmful to vehicle emissions equipment

    Restores fuel economy

    Recommended for ethanol blends

    Stabilizes ethanol

    Improves responsiveness


    No noticeable mileage improvement

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4.    Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment  

Lucas 10013 contains a powerful mixture of additives and oils without solvents. The fuel treatment is specially made not only to increase fuel mileage and power but also to reduce exhaust emissions by a complete combustion. It is formulated for diesel and gasoline engines, either fuel injected or carbureted.

Your fuel system will definitely receive the best blend of super slick additives and oils that have a high detergent action for maximum efficiency for your engine. It cleans as well as lubricates the injectors and carburetor causing the fuel to thoroughly burn for increased power, but lesser fuel consumption. 


    Neutralizes fuel problems on low sulfur

    Increases miles per gallon

    Increases injector and pump life


    Unnoticeable/slow increase in mileage

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5.    Chevron 67740 Techron Concentrate Plus 

Premium fuel system cleaner Chevron 67740 Techron Concentrate Plus is already trusted and highly recommended by automakers for the restoration of lost fuel economy and performance. Regarded as the best fuel system cleaner, it contains a patented polyether amine technology like no other as it cleans any deposits from fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves.

It is effective when used in any type of ethanol fuel such as flex-fuel E85. It is already proven by customers to be very effective in keeping older and modern engines clean.


    Cleans restores and protects the whole fuel system

    Lessens engine surge, spark plug fouling, hesitation and rough idle

    Restores lost power, fuel gauge sensor operation, fuel economy, and acceleration


    Less improvement in fuel mileage

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6.    Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment 

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is a pure petroleum product, which is an additive to fuel tank, carburetor, or crankcase. This item is tuned up at SF16 16 oz. that is simple and easy to use kit. Automakers make use of the treatment in every 5000 miles of drive.

It frees any sticky lifters and rings. It helps remove moisture in the fuel system and cleans its PCV valve.  Consumers found it to be both oil and fuel additive before the oil change.


    Liquefies internal engine contaminants or varnish and gum deposits

    Solubilizes moisture to prevent corrosive water/fuel mixtures or fuel line freeze ups

    Can be run in the crankcase with oil all the time


    Unable to thoroughly get rid of the white smoke effect


7.    Red Line (60103) Complete S1-1 

Red Line (60103) Complete S1-1 has kept the polyether amine compounds though others have abandoned them already. The injector and valve detergent of this product is a concentrated package of powerful high-temperature detergents for the clean-up of gasoline fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and intake valves.

It can clean about 100% of efficiency in a single treatment. Its cleansing effect on injector deposits helps increase fuel economy by nearly 12% or more. It is even safe for continual use since one bottle of it can already treat as much as 100 gallons.


    Its polyether amine content is very efficient in cleaning a fuel system

    Has excellent ratio between its price and quality


    Does not make fuel consumption more economical


8.    OTC 7000A-1 Pro Inject-R Kleen

OTC 7000A-1 Pro Inject-R Kleen is a cleansing fluid that is efficient in engines and reduces emissions. The injector cleaning equipment restores the original spray pattern of injectors, prevents their recurring problems like deposits in the system, and lessens the incidence of port and intake deposits.

It is recommended for any canister-type cleansing device since there are suitable. Just use it right from its can without mixing the solution. It is safe when used around the catalytic converters and O2 sensors.


    Thorough cleans fuel system injectors

    Prevents recurring deposits

    Does not require mixing

    Restores spray pattern

    Available both in pack and individually

    Lowers intake port and valve deposits


    Does not go in any gas tank


9.    STP 78577 Super Concentrated 

High-performance STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner has formulated detergents in exterminating damaging gum, carbon and varnish deposits. These deposits lower the efficiency, longevity, and performance of gasoline fuel injectors.

The solution quickly unclogs the dirty fuel injectors and then restores the performance of the engine and the high mileage per gallon efficiency of a new engine. It is just enough in treating 21 gallons and 28 gallons of gasoline of its 5.25-ounce and 12-ounce bottles respectively.   


    Restores lost acceleration and power

    Compatible with the cap-less gas systems

    Removes harmful fuel deposits

    Unclogs dirty fuel system injectors

    Saves gas consumption


    Not that effective in other automobile’s fuel injector


10.    Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool

Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool carburetor cleaning equipment is composed of safe materials including toluene, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, propanol, and methanol. The cleaner has high-energy solvent technology with oxygen sensor-safe and catalytic converter. It is suitable for use on the whole fuel system, fuel lines, valves, pistons, fuel injectors, fuel tank, and rings.

Among the areas it thoroughly cleans are spark plugs, crankcase, intake and exhaust ports, and pistons. Many automakers consider it as an alternative to expensive mechanic works like diagnostics and repairs. 


    Improves automobile fuel economy, idle smoothness, and emissions

    Can be cross-used for all types of off-road or street vehicles

    Prevents misfiring and hesitation caused by moisture, varnish, and other debris

    Usable along with oil change or tune up and fuel filter


    Potential false check-engine light after application

    Requires fuel injection system or carburetor part cleanup or replacement for customers who were not able to experience engine change or improvement.

Important Tips to Make a Good Decision When Buying the Best Fuel System Cleaner

Definitely, car maintenance can be a very daunting task even just in keeping its fuel system clean. While the fuel you put inside the gas tank is as relevant as the oil inside the motor, you will never achieve your car’s maximum efficiency if its fuel system is not cleaned regularly.

This is why you need to maintain its cleanliness through a fuel injector cleaner. However, there are several factors that may affect your decision when choosing the best fuel injector cleaner for 2017.



    Have a better understanding and ask yourself “What do fuel injector cleaners do?” The fuel injector cleaner reviews above will help you a lot in answering this question.

    Know the characteristics of your engine. Purchase a proper fuel injector cleaning fluid that is suitable for your vehicle. The cleaning product should be based on fuel types, engine usage, and its specifications. Remember that high-performance engines are more sensitive to dirty fuel injectors compared to the regular performance units. Pay more attention to this criteria should you own a sports car.

    Know the two types of fuel system injector cleaners: the ones for diesel engines and those for gasoline. How do these fuel system cleaning additives work? The same actually, but they differ on the areas or spots they clean.

    Seek advice from manufacturers or experts before buying a cleaning solution. Considering the differing compatibility of fuel system injection cleaners with every engine, ask experts for proper guidance. This will prevent possible mistake but give you the best results.

    It is advisable to conduct research first before going to any store to get a cleaning equipment. There are customer fuel system injector reviews online from which you can refer, but be careful as some of them are not real.

    How to use fuel injector cleaner? Learn the proper usage of the cleaning product to avoid any mistake that may only damage your engine fuel system. Just pour the bottle containing the fluid into the tank with fuel and you’re well to go.

    Does fuel system cleaner work? Assess the performance of your preferred best injector cleaner by checking how it really works based on the experience of those who have used it already.

    Be extra careful on the catalytic converters of your engine. Take note that these converters work alongside fuel fumes and a combination of the cleaning fluid and the fuel can be harmful and may turn the engine check light on the dashboard. 

    Does fuel injector cleaner work? Assess the performance of the injectors. Clean injectors are expected to lessen fuel consumption and damaging engine emissions.

    Another significant factor to consider here is the difference of their prices. Check the ingredients of the product if they are suitable for its price range. Obviously, cleaners with chemicals and other additives could be more expensive.


    Do fuel system cleaners work your way? Avoid buying a cleaning solution that is not fit to your car engine. Take note that a diesel fuel injector cleaning product is not workable to petrol engines and vice versa.

    Refrain from using too aggressive or wrong fluid because it can burn your catalytic converter. 

    Be cautious in dealing with the products sold which are compatible with the gasoline and diesel fuel systems. Some of these products contain chemicals which may only stick to dirt, destroy the system, and will not be included in burning. A little mistake can lead to a huge harm.

Fuel injector cleaning solution is a significant car care product for your vehicle work better. Advancement in technology leads to the manufacture of many fuel injector cleaning products in the market. Choosing and comparing the varying specifications of the top 10 cleaners isn’t that easy though. These products are not perfect and that they have their own downsides.

Hopefully, this review will help you choose the best fuel injector cleaner for you.

NOTE: When it comes down to keeping your engine running well, fuel injector cleaners aren’t the only things which are important. We have a few guides on other products, such as our guide on the best octane boosters, best spark plugs and the best engine coolant to use. One will keep your power level up, second will help you run at a more efficient manner, and the third will help to keep your engine running nice and cool.





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