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So you’re here to find the best drywall stilts for construction and painting use? If that’s the case, you’re in luck. I’ve done quite a bit of research on this topic, and I’d like to say that there’s a complete list of the top 7 just for you. Now with that being said, if this is your first time looking for one of these time savers… Be warned...

reviews and comparisons of walking stilts

They can be dangerous if not used properly, imagine being raised 1-1.5 meters above ground and slipping… ouch.

All have a limit how high they can be adjusted, prior to purchasing be sure to know the “range” of adjustment.

Are you ready to start painting or doing some construction related work? Heck, you may just use these stilts for something completely different, no worries it’s all good.

In the chart below, I sorted out stilts from the BEST (#1) to the second best (#2) and so fourth. Enjoy the chart below!

Rank: Plane: Model: Our Rating: Price:
for construction jobs Pentagon Tools Professional 18”-30” Learn More
2 for painters GypTool Pro 15”-23” Learn More
3 for plasterers Pentagon Tools Professional 24”-40” Learn More
4 SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs Magnesium Learn More
5 GoPlus Aluminum 18”-30” Aluminum Learn More

Our Top 7 Best Drywall Stilts Reviews to Keep you Stable (2020)

As you can see below, each set of stilts is provided with features which strongly benefit you as the user. In addition, there’s no biased reviews of any kind with these stilts.

In fact, each set has the Pros and Cons so you know the good, and the bad before you make any moves. So go ahead, give them a read and get a little help in your search.

1. Pentagon Tools Professional –


#1 Best Drywall Stilts

Pentagon Tools Professional View on Amazon

If you’re reading this review first, then this is the number ONE best pair of drywall stilts I could find based on customer reviews, price and features.

If you’re at home trying to install sheets of drywall and need that extra 2-3 feet of extra height… this is it. What I really like about this set, is the price. Not cheap like some really bad knock-off Chinese private labeled units.

Instead, they are priced just enough where it doesn’t seem like a big stretch to purchase them. For the average male or female, they will be more than enough to support one to reach above.

The fact that there are integrated metal springs to balance the weight of a person.. makes them more comfortable to wear and walk around in. What you need to know are the MAIN features and benefits associated. Let’s take a closer look.


  • check This set of stilts features adjustable heel plates and foot straps which use velcro. This means whatever your foot size is, it’s bound to fit just fine.
  • checkEach stilt is made of aluminum. Since aluminum is a lightweight material, it makes for easy maneuvering when you get yourself and and walking.
  • check A good set of stilts would be nothing if you could not adjust yours. Luckily, this set is adjustable from 18″ to 30″ inches. This translates to about 1.5-2.5 feet (roughly).
  • check Now if you’re rather big, using these would not be wise as you may be prone to injury. However, for an average sized male and female.. the load capacity is more than plenty at 228 lbs.
  • check For the grip, you need when walking around… especially on slippery surfaces, rubber soles provide that extra level of protection.


  • check These are affordable enough to not compromise quality. Gotta love that!
  • check Adjust them to the levels where you’ll be able to reach drywall in almost all places.
  • check They are lightweight, weighing in at less than 20 lbs in total. For each leg at 8-9 lbs each, that’s quite good!
  • check You can get them in four different colors.


  • When assembling loosely, screws can easily pop-out.​​​​​

   2. GypTool Pro –  Painter Stilts

 GypTool Pro 15" to 23"View on Amazon

If you want a light to medium boost in height, the GypTool Pro painters stilts are a great choice for those who need to reach high when painting.

First-off, there are not as popular as the #1 mentioned above. With that being said, their early popularity is proving to show good signs of a great product.

They look and function exactly the same as the Pentagon Tools ones.

There are some differences which I will cover in the features area. If the price is an issue, look no further.

At just under 90 dollars for the set, you are going to receive an excellent pair of stilts made of a material which will feel almost like nothing is even there. Let’s dive into the full features, benefits, pro’s and con’s associated with this set.


  • check You can do more than just one type of job with these stilts. Yes, in fact, they are PERFECT for drywall installation, painting, wiring, kids and fun, and more.
  • checkWith these strapped to your feed, the last thing you’d want is to slug around anchors. Not in this case. Each weight a measly 6.25 lbs, which almost nothing if you have at least some strength in your legs.
  • check Adjusting the height of each stilt requires absolutely no tools. It’s as easy to adjust the height as it is to walk in them.
  • check Each one is adjustable to your own food size, its kind of a “one size fits all”… but with an adjustment option.
  • check Weight capacity is rather impressive, you can get 225 lbs of the total load. This is usually more than enough for a healthy individual. Also, you can adjust the height from 1.25′ feet to nearly 2.00′ feet.


  • check This to me is classified as a bang for the buck set of stilts.
  • checkGetting then put together, strapped, and ready for use is rather simple.
  • checkNo tools required to do the height adjustment, that’s convenient especially when you’re doing a job which gives you no tools (Halloween for instance).




  • For people with BIG feet, fitting inside the adjustable straps will prove to be challenging.

   3. Pentagon Tools Professional – Construction Stilts

Pentagon Tools ProfessionalView on Amazon

What’s silver, blue, and black? It’s the Pentagon Tools construction stilts. If you need to do some home improvement, become a clown, or just walk around randomly 2-4 feet taller… these will do it just fine.

Now just like #1 mentioned above, these are really just as good.. but the only difference being the height they can reach. Still, it’s fair to go over the important things that are associated with this pair.You know what, there are over 200+ user reviews associated with this model on Amazon alone. You know what that means? It means they are a popular buy, and for good reason. They are excellent in construction related uses


  • check There should be no problem of the weight limit, as you get a total of 228 lbs load capacity for the combined set. This really just translates to peace of mind when taking care of jobs on these stilts.
  • checkWhether you need a small boost in height or a big boost, there’s plenty of adjustability. Go from 24″ inches to 40″ inches in added height.
  • check On stilts you need lightweight for easy moving (17 lbs for both) and also strength… you get both because they are made of aluminum.
  • check There’s an adjustable heel plate, foot straps, self-locking metal buckles, and rubber soles for added grip.


  • check They are lightweight and strong for protection and security during the job.
  • checkLess than 100 dollars for a pair, that’s considered affordable when putting them up against many comparable stilts.
  • checkThere’s more than enough room left for additional height (up to 40″ inches or 3.5″ feet).


  • When assembling loosely, screws can easily pop-out.

   4. SurPro S2.1

​SurPro S2.1 Dual Legs MagnesiumView on Amazon

This is a brand we’ve not covered yet. SurPro S2.1 Dual Leg Drywall Stilts at first glance look just like any other brand you’ll find online.. but there’s a few differences that I’d like to add.

First-off, these are bright yellow. In a construction environment, there’s no better color to have… seriously. That alone can make them not only easy to find, but also to be seen in.Unlike the others mentioned from #1-#3, these just aren’t as popular for some odd  reason. I don’t know if it’s just poor marketing on their end, but I could not find as much info as I hoped to. Still, there’s more than enough for me to use to compile a review… so let’s dive into the features and benefits.


  • check A combination of magnesium and aluminum makes them weigh very little. At only 8.5 lbs each, it feels like wearing almost nothing on both your legs.
  • checkThere’s a weight limit of 225 lbs, but many have reported of going over that limit with no problem.
  • check These stilts are adjustable from 24″ inches to 40″ inches. That makes it 2-3.5 feet tall. That’s more than enough for anything you can do safely without needing anything extra for balancing.
  • check Every part of the stilts is adjustable. Whatever the size of your legs is, the size of your feet… you’ll be able to adjust according to your appropriate fit.


  • check These feel like quality stilts, no loose ends, no loose bolts (from the majority of reported customers). Love that about them.
  • check Adjustability is plentiful, seriously… who will ever use the additional 3.5 feet you can get out of these things? (ok, probably some of you..)
  • check Aluminum and magnesium make’s these stilts lightweight and easy to carry around with your feet.


  • This set costs much more than all the other ones mentioned so far.

   5. GoPlus Aluminum 

GoPlus Aluminum View on Amazon

Being the newer kids to the block, the GoPlus drywall stilts took the #5 spot for the best drywall stilts to buy.

First off, these come in two different colors which cater more towards your taste.

If you want something lightweight, something that weighs less than two bags of groceries, these are the way to go. A pair of boots would weight about the same, so you know what it would be like before you even try a pair. Priced at slightly below average, these are the more affordable units you can get.

It’s ideal you use them for jobs like painting, hanging drywall, doing clown gigs, Halloween costumes, and things of that nature. There are some differences from the ones I’ve mentioned above, features and benefits you’ll find very useful. Have a look right below to see what I mean.


  • check Aluminum is known to be durable and lightweight, this set of stilts being no exception. When you wear them, it won’t put a strain on you.
  • checkThese stilts have adjustable height. It ranges from 18″ inches to 30″ inches (about 1.5 feet to 2.5 feet). This is applicable for everything you typically would need to do (other than reaching tall billboard signs (joke).
  • check You can be up to 230 lbs in weight, and not break these stilts. That right there is the total weight limit you can comfortably take advantage of.
  • check Whether you have small or big feet, you’ll be able to adjust each stilt according to your appropriate size of the foot. This is surprisingly missing in quite a few models (that you’d expect typically would have).


  • check More affordable than its counterparts. At least 20% less expensive.
  • checkGreat adjustable height ranging from 1.5 feet to 2.5 feet.
  • checkHefty weight limit lets you have greater peace of mind and stability.


  • New item on the block, may be a problematic product long term. Only time will tell.

   6. GypTool PRO

​GypTool PRO View on Amazon

Do you want to stand tall… really tall? If so, this GypTool Pro drywall stilts will be perfect.

Looking at them head-on, they can reach the height of an average human being (at about 64 inches). Who will use those kinds of heights?

Many in fact, painters, carpenters, drywall installers, arts and crafts individuals, costume and circus performers… that list really goes on. These, in particular, require no tools to adjust them to the height you desire.

Although these will require more cation when strapping them to your feet (adjustable to anyone’s size), they are rather easy to use once you get moving.  So in order for us to get the goods out of this set, as in learning the features and benefits, we need to continue reading:


  • check I already mentioned this in the intro, but I’ll mention it again. There’s no tools required to adjust it for a certain height. The selectable heights are 48″ inches, 52″ inches, 56″ inches, 60″ inches, and 64″ inches.
  • checkThe braces are adjustable. Whatever your size is, you are likely to fit snugly like a glove. Quite nice!
  • check Your load capacity is at just under 230 lbs. That is very impressive for ones that are made of aluminum and weigh less than 14 lbs each.


  • check You can reach heights that are up 2X taller than you. I’m talking about up to 5.5 feet of additional height. So if you’re 5.5 feet tall, with these stilts you can reach a total of 11 feet in height.
  • checkLightweight and easy to move around with each leg. That’s a BIG DEAL since they are so tall.
  • checkCan be comfortable when adjusted properly.


  • Pricey at over $150 dollars for a set.

7. ​YOO.MEE COMIN16JU044738

​YOO.MEE COMIN16JU044738 View on Amazon

For a set of stilts that stick out like a sore thumb, look no further than this set. The Pentagon Tools is the third set from that company, which has proven to show consistent customer satisfaction.

When you place this set next to a pair from a different company ,you’ll see subtle differences in how Pentagon Tools puts together their stilts.

How they require no tools to adjust the total height of each stilt, to their lightweight magnesium and aluminum construction… less than 10 lbs for each stilt (much less actually).

In this last one on my list, I don’t want to spoil too many things..What I’ll do instead is just dive deep into the features and benefits associated with this set. In the end here, you’ll be able to make a decision on what IS the best set of drywall stilts.


  • check There are adjustable heel plates and foot straps. This also includes self-locking metal buckles. Whatever your foot’s size is, you are likely to find the perfect adjustment points.
  • checkMagnesium is strong and lightweight. This translates to having very supportive stilts, that weigh less than 6.5 lbs each. The weight translates to wearing regular boots.
  • check You get dual springs, this leads to improved flexibility and less sliding around. When standing up high, those are the last things you want to experience. Luckily, Pentagon Tools implemented springs to combat that.
  • check Each stilt is adjustable from 18″ inches to 30″ inches. This equals to 1.5 feet to 2.5 feet. Best of all, no need for tools to make adjustments in height.


  • check The weight is light and the strength is high, a combination that equals more safety!
  • checkAdjustability is simple.
  • checkBright yellow it an easy tool to spot and be aware of in a construction environment.


  • Yellow may be an off putting color to some.

Word of Warning:

Be cautious about buying cheap or plastic stilts, this can often cause more harm than good. eBay may be a good option sometimes, but for a rock solid return policy, rocks. If you’re looking for a set of manufacturers that are reputable, it may be hard to find. Carpenters, plasterers and other types of contractors often resort to DIY options when trying to save some money. Don’t be the tallest idiot and strap on a set of stilts that will cause you a very painful fall.

Two Additional Companies

There’s two honorable mentions of companies which produce exceptional drywall lifts. The first company is Yescom which uses lightweight materials such as magnesium and aluminum. Also, ToolPro Stilts which does the exact thing as well.

Final Words – Wrapping Up

So there you have it, top 7 stilts for drywall, painting and construction you can buy for any kind of money that works perfectly with painting, wire hanging, drywall installation, various other projects, costumes and a few other similar things. These things require some safety precautions before you take the plunge into full-on walking on your own. Depending on how high they can actually go and how high you will use them, wear a safety helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. When you fall, I can imagine it will be a rather nasty fall that will require some safety gear to absorb a lot of the impact. You should practice on a softer surface (such as on grass), in order to get the hang of them. If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing it below with your friends. It will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. DrywallPro Reply

    to the person reading this, just because it looks like a fun equipment to have, doesn’t mean it won’t have risks involved. it’s important to remember that you should only use these stilts only after you receive enough training from a professional to use this. And also, these stilts are only for light work. If you actually need to lift a drywall, none of these will do the job. You have to leave that to an actual scaffolding plat form or a ladder wide enough to catch you. otherwise it could hurt you and damage your drywall, which, isn’t very cost effective, is it? not to sound dreadful, just sharing a few reminders! sometimes the most basic, the most obvious, are the ones forgotten.

  2. Alexsander fredriksen Reply

    before you go about buying your very own stilts make sure that you actually have some training to do so. It’s actually a very very risky equipment to have. You can get injured just by using it. i’ve seen it happen at work and it’s not a toy to play with. there’s risks involved when using this tool!

  3. Working as a taper, you sure will have lots of fun times playing around with a pair of these. The secret really is trying them on while you’re at the store. I love having these around because i can work fast and working fast is important if you have a list of clients to jump from one to the next. very recommendable to have a sturdy one that will last you for a long time since these don’t come cheap. great blog, keep up the good work.

    • Try on at the store!? Just make sure your children aren’t with you at the time of buying or they are going to want to join. I guess if they are okay with letting you do this that’s a good tactic. If you do buy online, you get free returns and just make sure you look at the measurements. Best of luck this winter in your job! The workload for Tapers out here in Utah is in high demand right now.

      • yeah, i have a friend who works in a small equipment/tools store and he makes us try some of these stilts before we buy. He lets his close friends do it. So lucky for me. I didn’t know tapers are in high demand in Utah. Might do well for me. Ive been taping here in winnipeg for a while now. Time for a change of scenery! Haha! You mentioned winter. thanks, i’ll need that luck and lots of heaters. Haha! Winter in winnipeg is the worst for tapers. but you gotta work.

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