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Your engine oil filter plays an integral role in preserving the life of your engine. The oil filter is designed to capture and hold impurities and other wear-causing particles that float in the engine oil. As such, it averts abrasive wear that would compromise the health of your engine and shorten its service life.

For an extended engine life, you need to invest in a durable oil filter. Speaking of durable oil filters, Royal Purple oil filters are one of the best on the market today. You can trust them to offer top of the line filtration for your car and the reason we’ve created this royal purple review!

Royal Purple is an American company specializing in producing a wide range of auto parts and accessories. Since 1986, the company has consistently produced premium, high-performance oil filters, and engine lubricants. Their Extended Life series is especially a force to reckon with in the Oil Filter market. Of course, there are more than one great filter available, so we put together a top 10 review of the best oil filters for you.


So What Makes Royal Purple Oil Filters to Stand Out Among their Competitors?

Royal Purple uses 100% synthetic micro-glass media to make their oil filters. With a 99% filtration efficiency at as little as 25 microns, this material delivers unmatched impurity removal.

That said, shall we have a detailed look at the most remarkable features of Royal Purple oil filters?

  1. Thick Shell

Compared to their competitors, Royal Purple oil filters boast a thicker shell material. This ensures more strength and durability. The shell protects the internal components against puncture from foreign particles.

  1. Metallic Components

The end caps, bypass valve, and center tube of a Royal Purple oil filter are all metal. This explains why these oil filters can serve you for well over 10,000 miles. It is also worth noting that the metallic center tube is designed to avert the collapse of the filter element. Likewise, the bypass valve is engineered to uphold oil flow in the case of excessive flow restriction of the filter element.

  1. Premium Nitrile Rubber Gasket

Each Royal Purple oil filter has a premium nitrile rubber gasket on its base. The gasket prevents leaks and spillages as it is designed to maintain an airtight and leak-free seal. Moreover, it contains a special lubricity compound, which promotes exceptional lubrication.

  1. Silicone Anti-drain Back Valve

The anti-drain back valve is designed to eliminate oil-drain back during the shutdown, and hence prevent dry starts. It is made of silicone, which performs incredibly better than standard rubber in both extremely high and low-temperature oils. It is also longer lasting.

With the features of Royal Purple filters out of the way, let’s now explore their pros and cons.

PROS of Royal Purple Filters

These filters have a wide range of advantages, including the following:

  • Sturdy design with top-quality components, including metal end-caps and silicone back valve
  • 99% cleaning efficiency at 25 microns
  • Extra thick shell
  • Beautiful  purple color
  • At least 10,000 miles of use before you start thinking of changing the oil filter
  • Several options available at different price points
  • You get value for your money
  • Royal Purple is a reputable brand, known for producing top of the line products in the auto industry.

cons of Royal Purple Filters

The main setback of Royal Purple filters is that they are normally more expensive than their competitors.

These oil filters are available in a wide range of options. So, shall we look at some of the best ones that you might want to consider buying?

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Top 4 Royal Purple filters You Can Buy


1. Royal Purple 10-2808 Oil Filter

If you are looking for an oil filter well-suited for a turbocharged engine, you can’t go wrong with Royal Purple Extended Life 10-2808 Oil Filter.

The filter features 100% synthetic micro-glass media. As you would expect of a Royal Purple filter, it is 99% efficient in eliminating impurities. The 10-2808 is also equipped with an anti-drain back valve. So you don’t have to worry about dry starts.

It comes with a heavy duty rubber base gasket, ensuring a leak-free sealing. Its ultra-strong outer shell can withstand the most intense of internal pressures.

2. Royal Purple 20-820

If you want an oil filter that won’t compromise the warranty of your vehicle, then you might want to invest in Royal Purple 20-820 Oil Filter.

This oil filter is designed to deliver superior particle removal and low flow restriction. It meets or surpasses the OE requirements of your engine. Its housing is made from a robust gauge of metal.

That means it can stand any pressure that might occur during its use. With the 20-820, you will enjoy longer oil change intervals. What’s more, it comes at a relatively lower price than other Royal Purple filters.

3. Royal Purple 17807 oil filter

While it is one of the most expensive oil filters, Royal Purple 17807 oil filter promises unmatched filtration process. It virtually beats all the other filters available on the market today.

Its metal-based end caps ensure a fine and smoother seal. Likewise, its center tube is meticulously designed to ensure it doesn’t collapse during its use.

What’s more, its silicone-made, premium performance anti-drain valve does a wonderful job of preventing dry starts. The heavy gauge with a steel back plate fortifies the burst strength of this top-rated oil filter.

Perhaps the only shortcoming of Royal Purple 17807 oil filter is that it may not fit some vehicles. So, it is advisable to confirm compatibility with your vehicle before purchase.

4. Royal Purple 40-780 Oil Filter

While the 40-780 is not as popular as its 3 counterparts, it has what it takes to optimize the performance of your engine. It’s a Royal Purple, after all, with 99% filtration efficiency.

The best thing about this filter is that it is reasonably priced. Its exceptional burst strength, thanks to its heavy-duty housing, can’t go unmentioned. The only shortcoming of this oil filter is that it may not last long compared to other Royal Purple oil filters.[productbox class=”hbox”]



Every vehicle owner dreams of a smooth ride coupled with awesome engine performance. Royal Purple is committed to making that dream come true through their high-performance oil filters. The company has made a great name in the automotive industry by manufacturing filters that deliver optimized flow characteristics, high-performance, and unrivaled particle removal.

Superior filtration efficiency and particle removal, robust outer casing, and heavy-duty components are the most remarkable features of Royal Purple Oil Filters.


In fact, Royal Purple’s filter media employs the latest technology filtration system to capture particles as tiny as 25 microns. So, if you are looking for top-of-the-line filtration for your car in a bid to prolong the engine service life, you can bet on these oil filters.


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